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A wide variety of tunes, hope something catches your ear!You can find my catalogue of songs on Spotify, Newgrounds, Bandcamp and YouTube!


I am currently working on the OST for Peglin, available in early access on Steam! I am still happy to hear about whatever project you might need music for while I work on this, so please get in contact if you're looking for some music that'll give your game a true audible identity! Many players' positive memories of games are tied to some wonderful and memorable music. Work with me, and your players will be humming along for years to come.My name is Adam, I go by Crashtroid online. I'm a self taught composer/producer using FL Studio, have been since 2013 here in British Columbia, Canada. I began with middle school band practice, but quickly switched to electronic composition after moving to a high school without any available music programs.Ever since I have been constantly learning and improving with FL studio, producing music for all forms of digital media, but primarily games. My styles vary wildly, and influence spans all over, from Bollywood to Breakcore. My style is usually described as melodically focused and groove based. Many compare it to the SNES or Gamecube eras.When writing music for games, my philosophy revolves entirely around the player's intended emotional and mechanical experience. What is the plot telling the player to feel? How do the mechanics and mechanical goals of the player feel to interact with? These questions inform the creation of music that truly feels in tandem with the player and their actions. Through my music I hope to forge strong bonds between a player and their once in a lifetime experience in the game they chose to play.A few of my personal inspirations include Yakuza, Super Monkey Ball, Donkey Kong Country, Super Meat Boy, Crash Bandicoot, ULTRAKILL, DOOM, and a pile of flash games.


I can be reached by any of the listed methods, but twitter is the best place to catch my attention as fast as possible!Hope to hear from you!

[email protected]Crashtroid#1059


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